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Okay, after a few bouts of bad health (nothing too serious, just annoying) and the passing of my mother, it looks like I may finally be getting back into the swing of things. News - some of it old, some of it new, some of it not new to those who follow me on Facebook...

"The Ladies of Trade Town" is now available at Amazon in print and on Kindle

There is question as to whether Nevermet Press' "Stories from the Ether" will be a quarterly or yearly publication, more news as it occurs, but here's the link to my story, "Saying Your Goodbyes" - leave comments, please. Also, please enjoy the other stories at the site, and leave comments for those authors as well.

"Zombified" from Sky Warrior Books is out early and is available. It may have a print release someday, but for now it's just in ebook formats... pretty much all of them.

"Saving Molly" is available for Kindle, and it's still not to late to leave a review and get a character somewhat of your design in the party scene of Chapter 60, "Oil of Roses"

"On a Road Going Nowhere" is available for Kindle - sales have been good, but there's only been two reviews... to help that along, I'll be writing a story in the "Road Going Nowhere" universe that will only be for those who leave reviews. Not sure how long it'll be, or how long it'll take me to do it, but that's the plan.

A haiku cycle of mine will appear in "The Moon: The Eighth Continent", which will theoretically be available in print and electronic formats - sometime soon - from the North Texas Space Society - so, poetry of varying forms and you'll help a good cause - more info as I have it.

Now then, back to work. hope this finds you all well. take care.

I am no longer updating my LiveJournal. My new blog is here: http://cthtt.blogspot.com

We limp towards the truck, restin’ upright on all four tires further down the road, ready to blow the ever-lovin’ shit outta either of its occupants if we see so much as a hair wavin’ in the breeze.
I decided a long time ago that Mama Estelle Hoskins wicked li’l boy weren’t born to be beat on by anyone anywhere near as big as Hair-bear or the Injun, an’ me gettin’ shot wasn’t high on my list either… been there, done that, sure as fuck didn’t send nobody postcards sayin’ “havin’ a great time, wish you was here”.

I head around to the driver’s side to see that Renee sure as shit did for ol’ Hair-bear. That 12 gauge slug took a good chunk o’ his face an’ painted a mural on the back window with it. Picture don’t do much for me, ain’t a big fan o’ impressionist art.
My thinkin’s still a little bit fogged so when I hear the blast from Renee’s shotgun from the other side o’ the truck, I’m scannin’ around, wild-eyed, lookin’ for a target.
My eyes find Injun Joe an’ there’s a smokin’ hole in the side o’ his chest. My darlin’s up on step, hangin’ on the big ol’ rear view mount with one hand, smokin’ SPAS braced against her shoulder, grimacin’ a bit but with the most guilty ‘innocent’ expression I ever seen on her pretty face.
“He moved.”
“How’d he move, honey? Did he go fer a gun, try to cop a feel, flip you off, what?”
“He breathed.”
That’s my girl.

- excerpt from "Last Exit Before A Dead End: Exit 437 - Rest Stop Ahead

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